Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

When a company needs to print materials in a larger format, they may feel limited by the options that are available to them. However, many places have begun to offer large format printing following demand from businesses where standard printing simply isn’t enough for the marketing that you have in mind.

In the print industry, the term “large format printing” varies from place to place because the maximum print size a company can produce depends on how big a printer they have. Typically, large format printing is suitable for window and wall posters, as well as maps, diagrams, large wall calendars, store displays, and event announcement posters; though these are just a few examples among the many.

Large format printing is typically designed for flat wall-hanging, like a large poster that you can stick to a wall or tape up for an event. In some cases, it can be made to fold or be free-standing, but this is usually up to the expertise of the company. It’s always best to enquire and see what a company that supplies large format printing services can do for you.

As a business, you’re likely looking for a wide range of large format printing options from an experienced company. At Creative Digital Printing, we’ve been printing work in large format since 2001. Large format printing can be difficult for less experienced printers to do correctly because it requires the use of speciality equipment that can accommodation the medium you want your design printed onto; whether it’s paper, cardboard, or something else entirely.

Shrewsbury’s largest large format printer

Here at Shrewsbury’s largest large format printer, we’ll work with you to ensure that your design (no matter what you need us to print), will come out with a professional finish that you can be proud of; you’ll be surprised how creative digital printing can be!